Game Over Bar Arcade is planning it's Grand Opening

Late 1st Quarter 2021.  

Retro Arcade Games and Pinball

Craft and Domestic Beer

Great Wines and Coolers

Live Music, Karaoke and DJ on the weekends.

Hungry? We have it covered.

In addition to a great time we will support local leagues and tournament play.

We will host competitions for classic games and  console games.

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Our Games

We are extremely excited about our game line up.  We're building an arsenal of classic arcades games from the 80's and 90's, Pinballs and a few other things...  Below is a list of games we have or are looking to purchase.

  • Space Invaders             

  • Asteroids

  • Pac-Man

  • Ms. Pac-Man

  • Jr. Pac-Man

  • Donkey Kong

  • Donkey Kong Jr.

  • Popeye

  • Fix It Felix

  • Centipede

  • Millipede

  • High Impact

  • F&F Super Bikes

  • NBA Jam

  • Mortal Kombat

  • Mortal Kombat II

  • Teken 3

  • Street Fighter II

  • Sunset Riders

  • Make Trax

  • Defender

  • Tapper

  • Tron

  • Galaga

  • Double Axle

  • Indiana Jones - Temple of Doom

  • Burger Time

  • Frogger

  • Dig Dug

  • Gorf

  • Phoenix

  • Scramble

  • Tempest

  • Mr. Do

  • Karate Champ

  • Bad Dudes

  • Double Dragon

  • Pole Position

  • Q-Bert

  • Ghost n' Goblins

  • Punchout!

  • Area51

  • Zombie Raid

  • House of the Dead

  • Pump it Up 2 Exceed!

  • Gauntlet Legends

  • X-Men

  • Simpsons

  • Simpsons Bowling

  • Cruis'n USA

  • Rush 2049

Laser Disc Games

  •  Dragon’s Lair

  • Dragon’s Lair II

  • Space Ace


  • Revenge from Mars

  • Rolling Stones

  • Hook

  • Operation Thunder


  • Guitar Hero Live

  • Air Hockey

  • Multiple Console Games 



No Scores posted yet...


Food Menu

Jousted Wings

Deep fried chicken wings tossed with Ricky's Hot Sauce.  Ricky (Billy Mitchel) is a Florida native known for being the Video Game Champion of the World. 

Free Play Pretzels

Soft Pretzel Bites with White Cheddar Dipping Sauce

The Mouse Trap

6 breaded mozzarella cheese sticks served with a side of home made marinara sauce.

Flipper Fries

French fries with melted cheese and bacon.

 Burger Time 

Peter Pepper created this awesome prime Angus beef hamburger with lettuce, tomato, pickles and ketchup. 

 Ultimate Angler 

From under the sea comes our breaded and deep fried Florida Grouper on a soft garlic butter roll.  Side of tarter sauce.

 Turtles Pizza 

Special delivery from New York!  Leonardo and the gang dropped off this personal size pizza just for you.

 Golden Tee 

Your on the green with this delicious garden salad.  Complemented with chicken and house dressing.

 Crazy Chicken 

Juicy chicken breast served on a toasted kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato and mayo. Cheese upon request, served with french fries.

 Lava Fever 

Chocolate times three: A chocolate muffin with chocolate chips has a gooey hot fudge center that oozes out when you cut into it.

 Slamming Strawberry's 

No-bake cheesecake is an excellent dessert for cooks with a lot of friends and not a lot of time. Unlike a traditional cheesecake, the no-bake variety is eggless, making it smooth, light, and all about the dairy. 

 French Silk Brownies 

A classic pie takes a new shape, guaranteed to satisfy the biggest chocoholics! A fudge brownie layer is topped with silky chocolate filling and finished off with picture-perfect sweet whipped cream swirls that you will fall for.

Drink Menu

 Barrel of Mintkeys 

Get your mint on! Light rum with lime juice, some sugar, club soda and a few mint leaves.

 The Blue Ghost 

Waka Waka Waka.... Vodka,  blue curaçao,  pineapple juice, cream of coconut 


Twist and turn with this mind erasing cocktail. A mix of Vodka, coffee liqueur and topped off with soda water.


Hop... Hop... Hop... Splat!  Start with some Stoli, Cruzan coconut rum, melon liqueur and blue curacao.  Top off with pineapple juice and a bit of sprite.


There's no mushrooms in this drink! Vodka, sweet sour, pineapple juice with a splash of grenadine topped with oodles of gummy worms in different colors.


Take a punch in the Stomach with vodka,  crème de banane,  pineapple juice,  maraschino cherries,  ¼ pineapple slice.

 Punch Out 

Da' packers punch.  Maker’s Mark bourbon,  triple sec,  lemonade,  7 Up,  1 apple, sliced thinly.

 Bomb Jack 

It's a Irish Car Bomb - Baileys,  Jack Daniels, Guinness Beer.  Drop the shot and run.

 Congo Bongo 

A Hawaiian Cocktail - Gin, cointreau or triple sec with pineapple juice.

 The Princess Peach 

Beauty is in the bottom of the glass!  peach schnapps, orange juice, cranberry juice.


Tempest to taste - Start with a medium peach, fresh lemon juice, Angostura bitters, spiced rum and chilled ginger beer.

 Russian Attack 

Rush in on this white Russian... Rum Chata, kahula, vodka and milk or cream.


No upcoming events at the moment

Our Story

We are products of the 80's, we lived the arcade era when you went to your parents and begged for a few dollars to hit up the local arcade or candy store.  The 80's was a different time.  Great music, T.V. shows and movies.  You went outside and played until the street lights came on or you got in trouble.  We played tag, street tackle football, handball and rode our bikes.  Somehow we still found time to get to the arcade and try to take down that high score.  Now, as adults (most of us) have our children asking for IPhones, Xbox's and computers.  If they only knew... 

We decided to create a place where you can come during the day and show your kids, grand kids or friends what we did as products of the 80's.

Melbourne Florida is missing a place to relive the classic gaming era, it's missing a fun energetic place to meet new people and socialize.  The people of Melbourne are crying out for real entertainment.  We need a place that is affordable and fun.  A place we can call our "go to place". 


Game Over is that place...


Contact Us



2565 W New Haven Ave

Melbourne, FL 32904

Contact Details


(833) 9-ARCADE 


Need To Know


Gamer Etiquette

  • No aggressive or disruptive behavior will be tolerated whatsoever.

  • If playing an arcade game and someone else is waiting to play, be courteous and finish your game and allow them a turn.

  • No obscene or abusive language. Smack talk is always allowed, but don’t cross the line.

  • No Smoking or Vaping.

  • Drink Responsibly.

  • During Family Hours, please watch your children.

  • Persons under 16 are not allowed in without an adult during "Family Hours"


  • Sunday

  • Monday

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

  • Friday

  • Saturday

Family Hours

  • Sunday

  • Monday

  • Tuesday

  • Wednesday

  • Thursday

  • Friday

  • Saturday

Family Hours are for any age group.  Persons under 16 are not allowed in without an adult.  Non-Family hours age limit is 21 and over only.​

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